Why Good Design is Important For Your Business?

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Every website has a design, but not every website has a good design. You may ask yourself, how do I know what good design is? What are my clients looking for? Why is good design important for business?

The Professional Association for Design shares that design improves a company’s functionality and relationship with its viewers. Design really can do that! Let’s cover some basics on why this this matters. Here are 4 reasons why good design is important for your business:

You Only Have One Chance for a First Impression

Take yourself back to your first day of work. You might have picked out your nicest outfit and shiniest shoes. Maybe you showed up (or logged on) early to show you take your job seriously. The same goes for your company’s design. A good design is important for your business because it makes or breaks the customer’s initial idea of who you are, what you do, and, to put it simply, if they like your business- or not.

Design is used to persuade people that they can trust you. It’s communicating through the non-verbals; people see right away that they relate to your company based solely how you present yourself. They may feel some sort of emotional connection to an image or feel welcomed by a certain color. We all want to feel connected to each other in some way, and leaving a good first impression betters your chances to solidify a customer’s trust.

“Have You Heard of [Your Business Here]”: The Power of Recognizability

Whether it’s a commercial, computer screen, or side of a bus stop, you have probably seen a singular fruit with a leaf on top and a smooth bite taken out contrasted by a solid color. Instantly, we all know this is an Apple advertisement. Even if you do not own an Apple product, you see the simple yet iconic apple design and just know it’s Apple.

Apple did not become the first company in the US to reach their $2 Trillion market cap solely by coding and updating. They highly value and utilize design to make sure their products are the most aesthetically pleasing technology on the market. Their growth is based on beauty and design.

Apple is a good model of exemplary use of design for their marketing benefits. How can you do this? Well, ask yourself this:

  • Do people in my town and online know my company’s logo?
  • Do people know my company’s adds based on colors and fonts?
  • Does my design uniquely stand out compared to other companies in this market?

It takes time to develop good design, but once you do, your company should be recognizable so people think of your business first when they have a need in your field.

Making Connections By Storytelling

Hand in hand with being recognizable, good design means that you have a unique brand identity. Brand identity develops over time, showing your individuality by telling the story of who you are. Take our Instagram page, for example. Our first picture was posted back in 2017. Over the years since, by using images and graphics that match our brand personality, each post is a component of the story of our growth and what we do for our customers. With design, we historically document who we are. When you do this, it’s pretty neat to look back and see how your brand has evolved.

Your design should represent your mission and values in a visual way. This takes time, and now is the perfect time to start! What story do you want to tell about your business? However you answer that question, it can be accomplished with good design!

Accessibility: Be the Company Everyone Can Go To

Believe it or not, design is not all about looks- well, not in an stylish way, anyway. A massive component to design is how accessible it is to its viewer. Good design is about finding the balance between appearance and availability. All of your viewers should able to use your website, app, and online products. Accessible designs make it possible for all people with varying abilities to have similar experiences. This actually improves your SEO and makes your business look good.

Some common accessibility issues have to do with:

  • Visuals (customers may have impaired eyesight)
  • Auditory (have videos? Let’s add subtitles for those with hearing impairment)
  • Seizures (overstimulation can be overwhelming).

Having a good design means people of any ability can access your site, and that means ethical business and a broader client range! Let’s be real, who doesn’t love an inclusive business?!

Good design has the power form a positive relationship with a client. What can seem like a daunting concept at first becomes a fun component to growing your business! If you have questions or want to learn more, call our office to schedule a consultation. We’ll ensure that your design matches your personality!

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